Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nebula3 Gecko Plugin

About 3 weeks ago Bruce Mitchener mentioned it'd be nice if there was a web browser plugin that would allow a Nebula3 application to run within a web browser, kind of like Google's Lively. I thought it'd be cool too, though I couldn't think of any immediate practical applications myself. And so I set out to write a Gecko plugin to embed Nebula3 in Firefox 3 (and maybe other Gecko-based applications).

Today, I have a Gecko plugin that seems to do a pretty good job, with the exception of one scrolling related redrawing issue that I don't know how to fix. Google's Lively doesn't appear to suffer from the same problem so clearly I'm missing something. Here's how the issue can be reproduced:

  1. Shrink the browser window until the vertical scrollbar is displayed.
  2. Grab the scrollbar and move it up and down repeatedly.

This is what it should always look like:

And this is after I get overly enthusiastic with the scrollbar:

Next up, an IE7 plugin for Nebula3... and I was doing such a good job avoiding installing IE7 up until now.

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